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As soon as once more a diver discovered a NIVREL watch on the sea ground. Simply because it was nonetheless operating, Mr . Christopher
Juredin decided to send it back to NIVREL -in order to locate the genuine owner. Christopher Juredin is really a expert diver in the
British Virgin Islands. He owns a industrial diving business and scuba diving operations and generally dives within the harbours about
the Caribbean. As a industrial diver, he also enjoys searching for lost objects and frequently finds numerous items from historic rum
bottles to vessel propellers.
1 day late within the year 2008 he was operating below a cruise ship performing ship husbandry. He was searching for a propeller and
systematically worked back and forth on a rope spool in 65 feet of wa-ter about ten foot visibility and with about 300 feet of search
line. The bottom was thick mud and turtle grass and there was plenty of visitors in the charter companies' vessels overhead. Searching
in the sea ground, he observed a watch strap sticking out from the mud. He pulled it out and had a NIVREL automatic alarm watch in his
hands. His initial believed was to leave it behind as he didn't see it move, nevertheless he decided to help keep it. When he surfaced
back on the boat he wiped it off and it began to function. It worked periodically to get a few days, then stopped.
Mr. Juredin decided to send the watch towards the NIVREL headquarters in Germany, asking if NIVREL could discover the owner or repair
it. He had the powerful feeling that the owner might want it back, offered the rarity of discovering it in such circumstances.
Christopher believed that the owner might have been on a sailing yacht and it caught on the railing and came undone or fell off when
returning or going on vacation because it was within the vessel channel.
Once the watch arrived in Germany, the drying salt had lastly brought some harm towards the watch, particularly towards the motion.
Nonetheless, everyone at NIVREL was fairly amazed from the great situation, offered the truth that the watch was down in the sea
ground for fairly a whilst and it only was tested to a water resistance of five ATM.
NIVREL was in a position to trace the original owner from the watch, a gentleman from Germany and of-fered to send him the watch
-together using the story. Also, Christopher Juredins work to locate the original owner was honoured by NIVREL. Thinking about that an
expert diver like Christopher would appreciate an expert diving tool, a NIVREL Deep Sea was handed more than as a present. The
automatic diving watch having a water-resistany of one hundred ATM received a unique appreciation engraving for Christopher prior to
it produced its method to the British Virgin Islands.
Obviously, the brand's 75th anniversary in 2011 is celebrated having a new watch model. The new 'Horaire Automatique' is a part of the
'Edition Horaire' and complements the collection because the new model at entry-level. watch buyers Ideal elements from German producers along with
a strong Swiss motion (ETA 2824-2) had been selected to construct a watch with a great cost / overall performance ratio.
Throughout BASELWORLD -the world's greatest fair for jewellery and Replica watches -NIVREL presented the new unique restricted edition for
2011: The La Grande Manuelle X4. It's realized in cooperation with however an additional business in the little town of Saarbrucken /
Germany. tag heuer replika This unique edition is obviously produced for males who adore to engage with time; for human beings who like stunning objects
and simultaneously know how you can handle their day. Consequently, the edition isn't only a watch, but a mixture of a luxury
timepiece along with a time management method: the timer from X47.
The 'Edition Heritage' of NIVREL will probably be topic to a significant facelift in 2010. Following the presentation from the new
automatic watch from this edition in February, NIVREL now introduces an additional model: The Heritage Grand Chronographe. The new
Heritage Grand Chronographe characteristics a situation diameter of 42 mm -a grand size for such a traditional watch. The silver dial
shows the familiar and valuable characteristics of a NIVREL Heritage: A Clous de Paris guilloche in German silver, rhodinated index
appliques also as rhodinated and guilloched chronograph counters. All indications are realized by utilizing blued steel hands. About
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