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PRO-AIR offers residential and commercial heating and cooling service on all brands of air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, fan coils, and thermostats to residents MOÇAMBIQUE. We are the MOÇAMBIQUE Air Conditioning Experts!

Whether you need maintenance, repair, replacement or construction, we want to be your heating and cooling service provider in MOÇAMBIQUE, or anywhere in the surrounding area. For reference, we offer an extensive heating and air conditioning FAQ on this website, including some helpful troubleshooting tips that you may find useful.


Introduction :

Pro-Air Lda, was established in November 2001. The company has been established by the current members as a result of their nineteen years of experience gained in the HVAC industry and the success achieved whilst being design engineers and contracts engineers on numerous sizeable projects, with large Mozambique Aluminium Smelter(MOZAL), being the turning point in the formation of Pro-Air Lda. MOZAL, SARL is the single biggest project investment ever made in Mozambique with HVAC costing 132 million rands.

Pro-Air Lda, currently has a staff complement of 65 individuals. With the members having been responsible for the design, preparation of specifications, as well as all related drawing work on above projects, Pro-Air Lda, was formed in order to offer you, the client, the benefit of this association.

Our objective is to provide you with a company specialising in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). Pro-Air Lda is committed to providing innovative and cost-effective air conditioning solutions without compromising on quality of design and engineering standards. Generally, tenders are open-ended and solely cost driven i.e. lowest tender is usually accepted. We believe that in consultation with you the client, the projects can be carefully priced and conform to your budgets with minimum compromise to the integrity of engineering and air-conditioning standards.

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Pro-Air, Lda is committed to the following:

• Promote engineering excellence
• Enhance the image of the HVAC industry by providing a professional air conditioning service
• Achieve ISO accreditation during the 1st five years of operation

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